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01/15/2008:  Shown in above photograph standing on the left is Michael Snowden,
Executive Director of the Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency (EMA)
explaining the capability of the Hamilton County Regional Operations Center to
respond to a large scale emergency that can arise, for example, from natural causes
such as floods or tornadoes and from catastrophe caused by human activities such
as industrial fires, toxic chemical spills, and terrorist attack.  The audience being
briefed consists of members of the Ohio Valley Section of the American Industrial
Hygiene Association, the Southwest Ohio Chapter of the American Society of Safety
Engineers and includes representatives from other government agencies such as
OSHA and the Metropolitan Sewer District.

The Hamilton County EMA is authorized by Ohio Revised Code to coordinate and
administer county-wide all-hazards emergency management and disaster
preparedness functions for Hamilton County and its 49 political subdivisions.   Since
2001, the U. S. Department of Homeland Security has provided the bulk of the
funding that is approaching $50 million in order to build-up the Hamilton County EMA
and the capacity to respond and coordinate such response.

Emergency management is both a system and a process working through 4 phases:

[  ] Mitigation  [  ] Preparedness   [  ]  Response   [  ]  Recovery

Where disaster preparedness and public safety related emergency management
activities are coordinated to serve and protect the public. Hamilton County EMA is
concerned with all natural and man-made hazards including international and
domestic acts of terrorism and homeland security functions.

The Hamilton County EMA delivers programs and performs function involving:

[  ] all hazards emergency operations planning
[  ] response and grant administration
[  ] hazard mitigation planning
[  ] homeland security planning
[  ] disaster recovery
[  ] local emergency planning committee and hazardous materials
[  ] public notification and warning systems
[  ] public information and education campaigns, and
[  ] emergency management and homeland security training & exercise coordination

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Ed Dadosky, District Chief of the Cincinnati
Fire Department explains the role of his
department within the EMA
Mike Snowden answers a
question as Andrew Petty
(left) of the American
Industrial Hygiene
Association looks on
Bill Wilkerson, Assistant Area Director of the
U. S. Occupational Safety & Health
Administration, Cincinnati, Ohio makes a point
on the importance of close coordination with
the industrial sector.
Some images of emergency preparedness
training and catastrophic emergency
response exercises involving the public
Emergency Preparedness Approach $50 Million